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IncuBAte offers personalized support, financial assistance and the possibility of accessing a shared workspace to boost your business.

What is IncuBAte?

IncuBAte is the incubation program of Buenos Aires Government City that through the transfer of knowledge, networking and sharing of good practices, encourages the growth of innovative startups.


Incubate Diseño


Innovative projects where design manifests in their product, service or process.

Incubate Social


Projects that promote inclusion or solve social problems.

Incubate Tecnológico


Projects based on technology or innovate in the use of technology.

Incubate Ciencia


Knowledge-based projects, with a strong scientific-technological component.

Incubate Turismo


Projects that encourage the development of the City.

Incubate Gastronomía


Projects that promote innovation in the food industry.

Incubate Ambiente

Environmental solutions

Projects that contribute to the care of the environment.

Incubate Medios de Comunicación


Projects aimed to generate or disseminate content, or encouraging interactions in different formats.

Incubate Agro-Tecnología


Projects that promote improvements in the agro industry.

Incubate Audiovisual


Projects related to the production, distribution and commercialization of audiovisual contents.

What benefits does the program offer?

  • Mentors and Advisors

    Who will give you personalized guidance.

  • Financial Assistance

    Non-refundable contribution

  • Networking

    Between entrepreneurs and the whole community.

  • Possibility to access a shared workspace


Incubate Social

Application closes

Incubate Social

Selection Process
Stage I

Internal experts review the information forms submitted.

Incubate Social

Selection Process
Stage II

Interview with the team members.

Incubate Social

Selection Process
Stage III

Demo day.

Incubate Social

Announcement and Start of the Incubation Program

Winners are announced and the program begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply until December 28, 2017.

It is addressed to commercial, productive, social, technological and / or high-impact entrepreneurs who want to start their project or strengthen their existing one in the City of Buenos Aires.

Yes, anyone over the age of 18, from all over the world, can apply. In case you are from abroad, we would just ask you to add to the documents to upload, the temporary or permanent residence.

In the early stages of the innovation process, a prototype stands for the physical representation of an idea, which can communicate selected features to relevant stakeholders.

Social, Technology, Tourism, Design, Media, Agro-Technology and Audiovisual may opt for a workspace in case they are willing to. As regards, Design, Media and Social, the workspace will be in Barracas, Centro Metropolitano de Diseño. And in Technology, Agro-Technology, Tourism and Audiovisual it will be in private entities across the City. In all cases, the workspace will be subject to availability and will be assigned according to the order of merit established in the selection process.

The conditions for accessing the financial assistance are: a) Having received, at least two (2) months of advice and / or mentoring in the development of your project; b) Having a recommendation report by the mentor and the evaluation committee; c) That the project has, at that time, an administrative headquarter in Buenos Aires City, and a corporate vehicle. d) Being selected by the Dirección General de Emprendedores.

The entrepreneur who is selected to access the line of financial assistance, will obtain in all categories, a non-refundable contribution, which will be of 10,000 U$S, henceforth. The disbursement of the prize will be made in a current account of Banco Ciudad which will be opened by the entrepreneur. All taxes and expenses of the bank account will be in charge, at all times, of the holder of the account.

Thrive your venture